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Eric and KP

The Dynamic Duo.  Fearless Founders.  The Original Odd Couple.  Trainer and Client.  

our story

Like all startup ideas, the idea for nlyt was an ah-ha moment when the following conversation took place during a workout session sometime in late 2015 between KP and Eric:
KP: “Hey Eric, my back feels much better. I feel stronger. How much stronger am I? I’d love to know how much each muscle group in my body improved.”
Eric: “Umm. Let’s have this conversation next Tuesday.”
KP: “Huh? Why?”
Eric: “I got a file this thick on you (making a gesture with thumb and index finger about an inch apart); I need to enter all the data into Excel and draw graphs.”
KP (in his mind): “Aargh! I can’t wait that long! Even Amazon gives me stuff the same day!” (Aloud): “Okaay..”
Eric’s frustration was that he used too many tools to keep track of his clients and his business. As a client, KP’s desire was to see how his fitness was improving through numbers, graphs and statistics. Like most people, he struggles with motivation, but seeing improvement excites him and keeps him motivated to achieve his fitness goals.
Several discussions later, after researching available apps, finding them unsatisfactory and after speaking with many fitness coaches, KP and Eric decided to take matters into their own hands. Their goal was to create an app for professional fitness coaches and trainers that would be cost effective, intuitive, flexible and eliminate the need for using multiple apps/platforms/programs. At the same time, they wanted the app to be client friendly, provide analytical and quantitative insights into client fitness, thereby providing valuable feedback and thus motivating clients to achieve their fitness goals.
In other words, they wanted to create the equivalent of a Swiss Army Knife or a Leatherman for professional fitness coaches. Something versatile and nimble….
Enter nlyt!
We teamed up with CodeQuest and are excited to offer you V1 of the app – a workout solution for professional fitness coaches. Over the next few months we will roll out V2, which will include a payments and smart, trainer-friendly scheduling. Our goal is to listen closely to our trainers and their clients and continuously improve the app by adding more useful features and release new versions periodically.
We invite you to try our app, which we created with the professional fitness trainer’s needs in mind. We welcome your comments and feedback! Please give us a shout out (hello@nlytfit.com) and stay tuned for upcoming release dates.
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