Running and Recovery post-45

So at 45, I'm probably in the "lose muscle mass" age zone and so am extra motivated to keep what little I have.  Running is an easy and near my house, a scenic, way to burn some calories and build some strength.  In the past I never paid much attention to stretching.  However, these days I find that stretching for 15-20 minutes before and after a run seems to help.  On days when my body feels beat up, taking 3 pills before going to sleep at night - a multi-vitamin, a calcium and a fish oil pill - seems to help relieve my soreness better overnight than on days when I don't. So which one is it?  Multi-vitamins, calcium or fish oil that is aiding my recovery?  I'll do an experiment by eliminating one from my regimen to see if I can isolate it and report here.  However I do think stretching is integral to recovery.

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Hello world

Hello world! This is the nlyt blog.  Here we'll talk to you about our passions, triumphs, struggles, successes and failures as we embark on this seemingly daunting journey of fitness and entrepreneurship.  We look forward to hearing from you!    

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